Who are you?


That’s what a logo and/or specialized branding provides. It’s telling the world who you are, a consistent message told through an image that stylizes all of your materials. It’s important that a logo is done well and the branding consistent and effective, as this becomes part of your professional identity.



Lay it to me!


The presentation of a written piece of work makes all the difference. Food becomes flavourful when it jumps off the page of a craftily styled menu, while a text-heavy book becomes life like when thoughtfully laid-out photos tell an even greater story. I work well on a deadline and can make any piece come alive.



Your wedding day...


A wedding is one of the biggest days in someone’s life. I design invitations, save the date cards, programs and more to help make the day as special as can be.



Each photo tells a story.


When the technical elements of photography are utilized correctly, the beauty of the photo and the creativity of the artist behind the lens truly emerge - photos are each distinct yet all tell a story.